COPRO is providing technical expertise services for engineering and construction projects with One-Stop solution including Planning (Engineering and Design), Execution (Procurement and Construction) and Closing (Acceptance and Hand over) management. We also strive to become a leader who provides solutions that improve the safety and sustainability of the facilities.

Baptiste Fihue

CEO And Founder Of COPRO

Mr. Fihue has been working in China in the construction project management field for a decade and is proud to have strong track record of successful industrial projects completion. He holds one master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from EIGSI Engineering School from France and an MBA in Industrial Management from La Rochelle Business School/EIGSI, France.

After a decade in China working in this industry, Mr. Fihue has decided to gather the most valuable people he met and put up a team who shares the same goal, to be said “delivering quality expertise services to client’s project needs”.